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The modern design of Minamaze (Lite) makes it the perfect choice for any website. Business, charity, blog, well everything!

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100% Responsive

Minamaze (Lite) is 100% responsive. It looks great on all devices, from mobile to desktops and everything in between!

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Powerful Framework

Get a taste of our awesome ThinkUpThemes Framework and make changes to your site easily, without touching any code at all!

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Double Trouble Tonight on Naked Girls Radio

Uh oh both Sandra London and I are broadcasting live this evening! You can catch both of our shows afterward over at in our Fans of NGR group where you can find listings and descriptions of all of the radio broadcasts that we have done on BlogTalk Radio. I had promised a show for today so you had better believe the first thing I am going to do when I get finished with mine is go and check out hers! Her show starts a half hour before mine this evening so you can actually head over to listen to her for now and I will be with you in a little while. You can always catch my archive after the show also!

Good Morning Naked Girls Radio Listeners!

Good morning! I’m here to help you start the week of right with your favorite songs and a whole new look to our website has come your way too so be sure to check that out! One thing you will notice is that you now have the ability to vote for your favorite NGR songs at the top of ever page of the social netoworking website! Listen in for details on all kinds of new changes and updates while you enjoy the sounds coming out of your speakers!

sunday on monday

Italy Has Just Sent Naval Ships Into Libya And ISIS Flees At The News Completely Abandoning Their Major Stronghold On The Mediterranean Coastal City Of Derna, Has President Obama been allied with ISIS all along, why is Iran developng ICBM’s, Obama has refused meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he will be in Washington this Wednesday, “U.S. officials say Qatar has now replaced its neighbor Saudi Arabia as the source of the largest private donations to the Islamic State and Al Qaeda affiliates,” the Daily Beast reported. Muslims Force Tens Of Thousands Of Christians Into Actual Concentration Camps Where They Are Brutally Tortured, Raped, And Made To Endure Grueling Slavery, 401 (k)(s), 

Bittersweet Saga of Barry Soetoro

We have a new song to share with you this evening called Bittersweet Saga of Barry Soetoro by Blu Collar Glomeration so tune in and check that out tonight! More music by Blu Collar Glomeration is available on Amazon, Boomkat, Cricket, Deezer, GooglePlay, iTunes, Rhapsody, Spotify, and many other sites and apps. Check out the latest member blogs on Naked Girls Radio! When you submit your personal blog to the public magazine and it is approved it will appear at the top of this page. This is a fantastic way to get noticed on our website! Blogs with good quality photos and original quality content will be considered! We love to see what you’ve got so come on a show us!! Use blogs to tell other site members about yourself, your interests or your upcoming events, parties or shows! Embed your videos or make it look nice any way you can and you are sure to be seen by the other members and site visitors! Blogging is the best way to show the world who you really are. Log in and blog!! Then be sure to click the button to request review for our public magazine blog page!!

The FAWMcast #1 – Day One

In which the host (T.C. Elliott) plays music posted in the first few hours of FAWM 2015. Track Listing: @sapient – Lauds – *43165 @wille – Dancin’ Like A Baby *43166 @taylortay – Baseline No. 4 *43168 @jinx – The Art Of compromise *43178 @steffan – I’ll Be An Army For You In The Morning *43176 @b00n – Kissing Spree *43202 @natchdan – Brave New World *43169 @kimotcj – Rebel *43189 @natrin – Waiting *43217 @pitt – We’re Damned If You Don’t *43220 @jeffdesantis – Naked Heart *43245 Callers: @joshlevitre and @mikeskliar